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These bangs are cut to just about eyebrow level and are left straight and smooth. They are cut fairly thin-yet can still be called a regular hair bang. Some of the hair bang has been clipped back with the rest of the hair to soften the style, leaving just a few wispy strands on the forehead. This is a great way to style your hair bangs when you are in a hurry.

Combine your standard updo hair style with regular bangs for a very sophisticated look.  Do you know the fastest way to get a brand new look?  You guessed it----Add BANGS!

Regular bang that features slightly notched ends. The sides are slightly longer and the bangs are left down and smooth.

Combine this type of bang with an angled layers that taper from shoulder length all the way to the ends.

Keep your brunette hair color deep and shiny this year. Try an at-home glazing hair product for extra shine and a quick boost in color.

Add a few lighter tones of brown underneath to keep your style modern

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