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 Long Hair Bangs 5 More Bang Styles
Long hair bangs can be worn in your face for that sultry, sexy look.  Liven up your hairstyle with long bangs.

Lisa Kudrow Hair Styles

Lisa Kudrow is wearing a long, layered wavy hair style that features long bangs curled under. The ends of the bangs appear to be slightly choppy and there is an extreme shine to her hair all over.

To get your bangs to bend like Lisa's bangs, simply blow dry your bangs using a large round brush. Hold a blow dryer on the hot setting directing the air down at your bangs

Amy Smart Hair Styles

Amy Smart is wearing long bangs that are just right in her eyes. The ends of the hair appear to be slightly choppy and not cut straight across.

This type of bang is very popular among runway models for all the fall fashion shows this year. Long, straight and sleek hair combined with long, in-you-face bangs.

This hair style has a very 'young' look to it. Of course that doesn't mean that only young women should wear it.

There are many ways to make bangs work for your hair style, no matter what your age.

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