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The beautiful thing about long bangs is that they can always be side swept, or use hair products to blend them in with your longer hair when you don't want a new hair style look. Long bangs will also work well with a short hair style

See example left, of a long bang that angles down on the sides with the length ending just past the ears.

The bangs in the forehead area are gently swept to the side from a deep side part. The ends of the bangs are gently curled under by using a large round brush and directing hair under while blasting it with a blow dryer on the hot setting.

Another option for creating the gentle wave is to use a flat iron and quickly direct the layers under when passing the iron over the hair.

Madonna Hair Styles

Madonna is the chameleon of hair styles. Here she is shown with a medium to long length hair style that features very long layers and very long bangs.

The length of the bangs is more than half way down her face. The bangs are left to fall in her face. This is a very sexy look for long bangs, although it may be very annoying to always have hair in your face.

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