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Long bangs can work to soften up a long hair style. See photo example left, that illustrates our model trying on a long plain hair style and adding long side swept bangs.

Typically long bangs are side swept from a deep side part. The center or zig zag part come in and out of style.

Sandra Bullock has a medium length hair style that features long layers and long bangs. If you were to brush her bangs straight down, they would probably end around her nose.  Add highlights or lowlights in the bang area for a dramatic effect, as Sandra Bullock has done.

Famke Janssen Hair Styles

Long bangs will require frequent trims to keep them in shape and looking good.

Famke is wearing long bangs that end just past her eyebrows.  They are swept to the side from a deep side part. 
Bangs are angled down with longer layers on the sides. Sandra has been seen wearing this hair style straight and smooth, as shown, and also all over curly.

The retro glamour look works great with this hair style, as it is quite versatile.

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