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Layers can be cut all over your hair in various layers and for different reasons.

Layer up your hair style and your bangs for a modern look.  Layers make short hair styles look very sexy and long layers glamorous.

When you cut long layers, generally it is to get your hair to lay better. By adding some shorter strands throughout the head, a hair style will be less dense and thick. This will also help with extreme frizzy hair.

Cutting layers requires a certain expertise, so don't try to do it on your own. It looks really easy when the stylist does it, pulling the hair straight up and cutting straight across, but if you do it wrong, you could end up with some pretty strange looking hair.

Catherine Bell Hair Styles with Bangs

Catherine Bell has long, side-swept layered bangs. The layers in the bang area are very long. This type of bang creates a movement to the style that otherwise would not be there.

And you don't need to cut all of your hair off to get this fantastic look.

Create this look by parting the hair deep on one side and sweeping the layered bangs across the forehead. Add a little height to the bangs by spraying a little hair spray under small sections of bangs. Toss hair gently and spray a finishing spray all over to keep all the strands in place.


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