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Courtney Thorne-Smith Hair Styles

One advantage of layered bangs is that you can sweep them to the side. See example below. At the left, the bangs are flipped away from the face, with the layers going under.

Below, the layers are all kept straight and smooth, but are brushed away from the face, leaving only a few fringes of hair in the forehead area.

Courtney Thorne-Smith has a layered bang that goes pretty deep into the crown area.  The bangs are swept back off the head and just a few strands graze across her forehead.


Combine the layered bang with a long layered hair style for a very soft, feminine look.  These bangs will require frequent trims to keep this laying just right.

Layered bangs can really open up your face ad draw attention to facial features such as your eyes.
Some stylists will offer free bang trims if you need them trimmed before your next hair cut is scheduled

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