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  There are so many different types of bangs that you could literally create 10 different hair styles just by adding a different type of bang.  There are choppy bangs, short bangs, long bangs, regular or basic bangs, side swept bangs.


Milla Jovovich Hair Styles

Milla is wearing a short choppy hair style that features slightly choppy bangs.  The bangs are left down on the forehead.

Create a piecy look to the bangs by applying a small amount of pomade or was to the hair.  Only apply a small amount to avoid the greasy look.


Halle Berry Hair Styles

Halle Berry has a hair style for just about every one of our hair style galleries.  This hair style features a very short hair style that features short choppy layers.  The edgy look can be created with gel or pomade placed throughout the layers.

See more bangs at http://Bangs.HairResources.Net

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