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Finding just the right bang can be a little difficult, especially with all of the different options for bangs today. Whether you layer your bangs, side-sweep them, wear them long, short or choppy, you will need to evaluate your particular hair situation separately.

Before you start thinking about adding bangs to your hair style, a great place to start is determining your face shape. See our 6 part series on getting the best celebrity hair style for your face shape

Face shape plays an important role in how good you will actually look with bangs. Bangs can be used to call attention to certain facial features, such as the eyes, or they can be used to hide flaws in your face, such as a high forehead.

Uma Thurman Hair Styles

Uma Thurman is wearing bangs that are slightly choppy.  They are layered and texturized for a very modern look.
Uma is known for her many different hair styles.  She has worn just about every length of style.  This medium hair style with choppy bangs works well with her face shape.  She has a very narrow face shape with a high forehead.  The bangs work well to downplay the height and help to draw attention to her eyes.

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