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Did you know the fastest way to get a brand new look?  You guessed it----Add BANGS!

Trying on a hair style is a great idea. Don't you try on clothes before you buy them? The same concept should apply to your hair. Why go through a bad hair cut/style when you don't have to?


New hairstyle imaging software available online is fun and easy to use. Simply upload a photo of yourself and start trying on styles. Who knows, maybe you will find a style that you didn't even think of trying.

Get detailed info about each style that you like. Info such as, what type of hair texture the style is suited for, how to style it, how difficult/how long it takes to style---These are all very important issues that you should consider before getting any hair cut.

Just because you see a hair style that you like on a celebrity or model, doesn't mean that that style will work for you. Try it out. Hair Demos

Rachel Bilson Hair Styles

Rachel Bilson is wearing her hair in an updo hair style that features hair swooping across her forehead.

The looks like bangs can be created by blow drying the hair with a vented brush and directing the hair from one side to the other. Use a styling gel that is designed for your hair type, for best results.

Blast the hair with extra hold hair spray after blow drying to seal the locks in place.

Since this is an unnatural position for the hair to be in, the style may require extra styling products to keep it in that position.See more looks like bangs


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